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An Introduction to the Podcast

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The "Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina Podcast" is a weekly podcast hosted by David and Tamara Pejčinović-Bailey, an Anglo Balkan married couple who are passionate about their country and love to share its culture, history, and beauty with others. In each episode, they cover a range of topics related to Bosnia and Herzegovina, including its history, food, music, and travel destinations. They also interview local experts and enthusiasts who share their own experiences and insights about the country. Listeners can expect to learn about lesser-known destinations, such as hidden waterfalls and charming mountain villages, as well as popular tourist spots like Banja Luka, the historic city of Mostar and the capital city of Sarajevo. Throughout the podcast, David and Tamara share their own personal stories and anecdotes, adding a warm and personal touch to each episode. The podcast is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rich cultural heritage of this fascinating country.
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In this first Episode, Tamara and I introduce both ourselves and our Podcast.

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